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Soft skill coaches Stratford-Upon-Avon

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Soft skill coaches Stratford-Upon-Avon

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Oratory skills training

‘Wisdom outweighs any wealth' – Sophocles


Many people leave education with superb academic qualifications, knowledge and potential, and yet, find themselves unable to sell themselves to prospective employers, clients or social connections. 

Sophocles offers soft skills, self-confidence, and oratory skills training for school-leavers, students and employees.

We welcome anyone who wishes to create a good impression, interact successfully with others, and overcome the barriers they may face in today's ever-changing world. 

Fill in the form here to apply, and tell us, if you can, about the areas you would like to focus on most.

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Our Aim

All too often, young people with impressive academic qualifications lack the social aptitude for the wider world. This impedes their chances greatly in many areas, such as applying for jobs, networking, and interacting positively with their employers, fellow employees and clients.

We aim to help them improve these ‘soft skills', providing oratory skills training, personal confidence, and eloquence to help them foster relationships in their careers, and indeed across their social life.

With our training, you can overcome the seemingly invisible barriers between you and success. You may even find yourself setting new goals and adopting a new approach towards the notion of success, helping you to motivate yourself and others to achieve new aims.

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If you are looking to improve your self-confidence or want guidance for the right career path, contact us at Sophocles Ltd.


Who and What is Sophocles?


Sophocles was arguably the greatest playwright in Ancient Greece. His work was known for its innovative character development and range of language which we embody in our work.

Our goal is to help young people realise their potential by improving their self-awareness, communication, social etiquette, and presentation skills. If you are looking to become more confident in your personal interactions, then our oratory skills training courses will be perfect for you.

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Our values


Many skills and behaviours are not taught in our schools, which are nonetheless essential for success in the modern workplace:




Aptitude awareness

Many young people are thrust into specific careers or the university marketplace without knowing for what they are best suited.

Often pigeon-holed by their parents or careers advisers, they set off down routes that are completely at odds with their natural inclinations. In this respect we can help our trainees reassess their options in an informed and pressure-free setting. 



Body language

Body language is a vital part of human interaction, but many people complete their education barely knowing how to give a firm handshake or show their client they are truly listening.

We can help our students give a more welcoming and appealing manner to anyone with whom they are interacting.





Many aspects of social and business etiquette are simply not taught in school or university. While many may see these social habits as trivial, not knowing them can present a great impediment to young people trying to establish themselves in a prestigious career. Sophocles is here to help.



Appearance & self-awareness

The image you present to a client, potential employer, or others in your peer group is vital to your progress, and yet many people are unaware of how others see them. Everyone has their individual strengths and flaws and knowing these is the first step to improving or working around these aspects.




Presentation skills

Being able to speak confidently in front of a group of people, answer questions without undue hesitation, and overcoming nerves and stage-fright will help any person hoping to lead, work with and inspire confidence in others.

For those looking to advance themselves effectively, we provide oratory skills training.



Behavioural Psychology

A behavioural psychology test can help people better understand their natural inclinations and can provide them tools to manage other people with completely different inclinations better. 



Personal confidence

Many people leave school without a sufficiency of  confidence to fulfil their potential. For many school-leavers, this is a tragedy. They have worked so hard on their academic skills yet they lack the requisite self belief to make the most of themselves once they finish their education.

Sophocles is here to help people become inspired and self-reliant in many aspects of their lives.  



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